What is Epic Cash?

Epic Cash is a private, confidential cryptocurrency based on MimbleWimble.

What determines Epic Cash’s price?

Epic Cash’s value, like any currency, is determined by the market. If more people are buying than selling, the price will go up.

How can I get Epic Cash?

There are several methods to obtain Epic Cash:

  • Mining
  • Buying
  • Bounties
  • Accepting Epic Cash in exchange for goods or services.

Where can I buy Epic Cash?

Epic Cash will be listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges and steps to achieve such are in progress. When a listing occurs the community will be informed immediately.

Big buyers may consider an over-the-counter purchase, please write the Epic Blockchain Foundation concerning such.

How can I find out about bounties?

You can find out about bounties on the epic.tech blog.

How do I mine Epic Cash?

Please download the mining software that matches your operating system and follow the instructions. Joining the telegram channel is advisable as the community there is very active. Please see the following links and join the telegram channel for miners:

In the coming days pool mining will be available and the community will be informed when such optionality is added.

How is Epic different than other currencies?

As a MimbleWimble implementation, Epic Cash has properties of fungibility, privacy and scalability that is superior to other digital currencies.

Epic Cash in particular is designed to be accessible to a wide range of users worldwide. It is also designed to be easy to mine for people without specialized and expensive equipment. Having a broad base of users helps preserve decentralization and supports the adoption of the currency.

How is Epic different than Bitcoin?

Epic Cash, like Bitcoin, is a proof of work currency. Also like Bitcoin, it has a total supply of 21,000,000 coins. However, unlike Bitcoin, it has a shorter confirmation time for blocks (1 minute) and storing the blockchain requires far less data. This results in faster synchronization time for nodes, generally lower fees, faster transactions, and less space required for storing the blockchain, which supports long term decentralization and scalability.

Whereas the history of transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain is public and permanently preserved, meaning the transaction history associated with every coin is public, Epic Cash is fully fungible.

Also, while Bitcoin is almost exclusively mined by ASICs, Epic Cash can be mined by anyone who has a computer during the initial phases, which makes it more accessible and can help establish a wide user base.

Why does accessibility matter?

If more people are able to mine Epic Cash, it will have a wider distribution. This means more people will offer to sell real world goods and services for Epic Cash, which will make Epic Cash more valuable.

Furthermore, if a broader user base owns Epic Cash, they will have a personal stake in maintaining the network. This can help to attract contributors and supporters that will improve the community, make suggestions for improvements, develop 3rd party applications, and add value in many other ways.

It also supports the security of the network, because if people in many different countries run full nodes, it makes it much harder for oppressive governments to shut down the network, unlike a network with a central office.

How can Epic Cash get on an exchange or service platform?

The Epic Cash project relies on its community to help foster adoption. All services offering Epic Cash on their platforms do so voluntarily and without any payments from the project.

If you don’t see your favorite exchange or service offering Epic Cash, let them know your interest!

Upon request, the development team can provide technical assistance for integration. Integration information can be found here.

What is MimbleWimble?

MimbleWimble is an anonymous proposal to make Bitcoin more private and scalable that first appeared in 2016. It has been praised by a number of developers for its elegant solution to the problems of scalability that have limited Bitcoin in some ways.

MimbleWimble synergistically combines a number of cutting edge advances in cryptography, including CoinJoin, blinding factors, Dandelion++, and others.

Can the supply be changed for inflation due to bugs or attacks?

Epic Cash is an open source project. Anyone can make a fork at any time, but the question is who will follow. Our community is committed to a monetary policy similar to Bitcoin, so it is unlikely that there will be major changes in the emission model.

What is fungibility and why does it matter?

Fungibility means that every unit of Epic Cash is identical to every other unit. Practically speaking, this means you cannot be associated to the past transactions of the Epic Cash that you own. So in this respect, owning Epic Cash is very similar to owning cash issued by central banks, in that past transactions are unknown to all parties.

What is Epic’s block size and block time?

Epic Cash blocks are 1 MB and block time is 1 minute.

What is Epic’s block reward?

The block reward begins at 16 Epic per block, and reduces at different eras for mining. Refer to section VI. Emission Schedule of our Whitepaper for details.

Are you a Grin fork?

Yes, Epic forked from Grin codebase v1.1.0-beta.2.

Can I mine Epic on my computer?

Yes, it is possible to mine EPIC on most personal computers with CPUs and GPUs.

Learn more on our mining page.

Can I mine Epic on my phone?

While it is theoretically possible to mine Epic using a phone, mining is currently only supported on Desktop platforms.

What mining pools support EPIC mining?

There are several mining pools supporting EPIC mining on RandomX (for CPUs) and ProgPoW (for GPUs)

View available mining pools here.

How much profit can I make mining Epic?

How much you earn mining Epic Cash depends on several factors, including:

  • The exchange rate
  • What mining hardware you use
  • How many people are mining Epic and what equipment they use

The monetary policy of Epic Cash was deliberately designed to emulate Bitcoin, hopefully assisting with miner and network profitability.

Why did I receive 14.6 Epic when the block reward is 16 Epic?

A decreasing portion of every block reward goes to the Epic Blockchain Foundation. The Foundation’s job is to develop software to make Epic Cash easier to use (such as wallet plug ins and listing on popular exchanges), thus promoting and spreading the use of Epic Cash and generally helping the Epic Cash network to grow and function independently.

Each year the percentage that goes to the Foundation decreases, starting at a 8.88%, and decreasing by 1.11% per year to zero by 2028.

How can I tell how many blocks I mined?

In terminal type `epic-wallet txs`, it will display a table with all your transactions, the one marked ‘Coinbase’ are for mined blocks.