Epic Cash

Decentralized privacy-enhanced cryptocurrency developed by a growing volunteer community


  • No premine
  • No ICO
  • No corporation
  • No executives
  • No venture capital
  • No government affiliations
  • No physical presence


A maximum supply of 21 million PoW mined coins with an accelerated emissions schedule to match BTC's supply by June 2028.


No tainted coins - featuring protocol-level, mandatory CoinJoin, which resets the ownership history each time coins are spent.

Censorship Resistant

No one can interfere with Epic transactions. They cannot be blocked, blacklisted, filtered, or data-mined. The network itself is exceptionally resilient, with a proven history of resisting significant challenges.

Centralization Resistant

Accessible multi-algorithm mining allows for a variety of equipment types to participate, not just the latest special-purpose ASICs.


Accessible mining

Representing a genuine breakthrough in the state of the art in proof of work, Freeman Multi-Algorithm Proof of Work dynamically allocates block rewards according to a governance-specified flexible modular cipher policy. Currently, 48% of block rewards accrue to CPU on RandomX, 48% to GPU on ProgPow, and 4% to ASIC on Cuckoo 31+. Difficulty adjusts for each hardware type individually every 2 hours, not 2 weeks like BTC.


Fast, lightweight, cost-effective, and scalable

At <2GB, the Epic Blockchain is orders of magnitudes smaller than BTC and Monero. As such, the entire system can fit on a low-end smartphone.


Epic is compliant with current and future regulations

Users interact directly with the blockchain - no custodial intermediary or third party trusted node required. Fair launched without an ICO, premine, or even team tokens, the protocol sets a new bar for Howey Test safety, reducing risks and uncertainties for developers and entrepreneurs.


Epic is your key to the Epicenter ecosystem

The Epicenter ecosystem provides the solid monetary platform that decentralized finance requires. Within this framework, anyone, anywhere, can create secure, scalable, globally accessible financial services in minutes.

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